Niagara Regional Public Health Advisory: Upcoming COVID-19 Enforcement Campaigns

Niagara Regional Public Health Advisory: Upcoming COVID-19 Enforcement Campaigns

I am passing along an email that Dr. Hirji shared with Regional Councillors today about the upcoming Ministry of Labour COVID-19 Enforcement Campaigns. There will be a two part campaign with the dates of June 17-19 and June 24-26.


Good afternoon Councillors,

You may remember that we have previously worked with a provincial team led by the Ministry of Labour to conduct enforcement campaigns in Niagara. News articles around the two previous campaigns, one in mid-December and another in late January, can be found here:

Cabinet minister calls out Niagara businesses over lax COVID plans |

‘Extremely disappointing’: Niagara big-box store blitz turns up compliance issues | The Star

Unfortunately as the above headlines illustrate, while many businesses were doing a good job, there were still a significant number of businesses in Niagara that had gaps in their preventive measures.

As we are beginning to reopen, we have re-engaged the Ministry of Labour to do an additional enforcement campaign to help get Niagara as prepared as possible as more people return to work in person, and the public begins to visit establishments again.

We have confirmed a 2 part campaign going forward with the first part later this week into the weekend, and then the same next week:

  • June 17 to 19
  • June 24 to 26

We have advised the Ministry of Labour on workplace settings that have more commonly seen outbreaks in Niagara (e.g. greenhouses, manufacturing) and those settings will be prioritized during this enforcement campaign. Enforcement agents will be visiting all municipalities in Niagara.

Of course, these campaigns are a more intense, but short-term supplement to the regular enforcement activity that takes place in Niagara daily through Local Area Municipal bylaw offices, the Region’s Business Licensing office, and the Niagara Regional Police. We think these campaigns are a useful complement to other enforcement activity taking place, and help fulfill Council’s direction in November to have more enforcement for COVID-19 prevention measures.

We hope that the findings of the last campaign, and our promotion of resources in the interim, as well as our advice phone line for businesses, had led to improved measures out in the community, and we will see more positive headlines with this campaign.



M. Mustafa Hirji, MD MPH FRCPC
Medical Officer of Health & Commissioner (Acting)
Niagara Region Public Health & Emergency Services

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