Opportunities flow in Niagara Falls.

Business Advantages in Niagara Falls

Located in the heart of North America’s most affluent consumer market, Niagara Falls is a dynamic, internationally renowned city with a prosperous business community.

Niagara Falls is built on an economic foundation anchored by tourism, manufacturing, commercial retail, and knowledge-based sectors. We are linked to the world by extensive road, rail, water, air, and telecommunications networks.

In addition to having desirable industrial and commercial real estate, Niagara Falls offers a reasonable cost of living and some of the most attractive residential communities in all of Canada.

When it comes to quality of life, Niagara Falls has other communities beat. Where else can you enjoy all the amenities of a large urban centre in a comfortable, livable community? Whatever you’re looking for you can find it in Niagara Falls or nearby. Arts, culture, recreation, commerce, and peaceful quiet moments - they’re all here in Niagara Falls.

With these advantages and amenities, it’s no wonder that local, national, and international companies exceed their expectations and expand their operations in Niagara Falls. We welcome your business. Come see all the opportunities that flow in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Niagara Falls location in North America


Easy access to over 150 million consumers within a day's drive

Niagara is ‘the link’ between Canada’s largest metropolitan area, Toronto, and 55% of the U.S. population and 60% of Canada’s within one day’s drive. As a result, the Niagara Region is the natural base for American and Canadian companies wishing to reach both of these vibrant markets.



The City of Niagara Falls has prepared Community Improvement Plans to encourage the rejuvenation of strategic investment areas and older business areas that have experienced economic decline over the years. The Community Improvement Plans contain grant and loan programs that provide incentive for business to build and renovate industrial buildings in Niagara Falls and to improve the appearance and the structure of commercial buildings and conversion of upper floor space for residential use. The City has also prepared a Brownfield Community Improvement Plan which encourages the environmental clean-up and redevelopment of older abandoned industrial and commercial sites that are contaminated or perceived to be contaminated.

Niagara Gateway Economic Zone
Municipal Employment Incentive Program
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Visitors every year
Niagara Falls generates 40% of Ontario's tourism traffic.

Niagara Regional Broadband Network

Niagara Regional Broadband Network Limited (NRBN) is Niagara's premier choice for data communications services. NRBN is your local telecommunication provider - locally owned by the City of Niagara Falls (75%) and Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake (25%), operating the most extensive fibre network in the Niagara Region. NRBN delivers second to none business Internet and data services with great speed, scalability, and reliability.


Transportation in Niagara Falls
  • Ontario’s 400 series highways run through Niagara Falls
  • Connects directly with the U.S. Interstate system
Transportation in Niagara Falls
  • Niagara River
  • St. Lawerence Seaway System
Transportation in Niagara Falls
  • CP and CN rail lines for passenger and freight
  • GO Transit (Rail - seasonal, Bus - daily)
Transportation in Niagara Falls
  • City, Regional and local WEGO bus options
  • GO Transit (Rail - seasonal, Bus - daily)
Transportation in Niagara Falls
  • Municipal airport
  • One hour drive to three international airports
Transportation in Niagara Falls
  • Three international border crossings in the municipality
  • Four international border crossings in Niagara Region

Looking for an ideal location?

Distribution and manufacturing operations choose Niagara Falls for its ideal border location next to New York State and its extensive multi-modal transportation network. With more than 150 million consumers within a day’s drive, just-in-time supply management systems use Niagara’s road, rail, water, and air transport networks to keep products and materials moving between suppliers and customers

Key Industry Sectors

Industrial Manufacturing & Technology

Niagara Falls is an ideal location for manufacturing, distribution of goods, and the provision of services for centers throughout North America. Products manufactured or warehoused in Niagara Falls can reach more than 150 million consumers in less than one day’s drive. Niagara’s highways, waterways, rail and airports provide quick access to supplier and customer networks. Whether it’s a timely air shipment, or a supplier delivering raw materials from across North America. Niagara’s transportation network meets the most diverse and demanding needs.


Over 14 million people visit Niagara Falls every year. Many will travel from across Ontario, Quebec, and the North Eastern United States, while others come from Asia and Europe. Niagara Falls is a global destination with an established tourism infrastructure that’s continually evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of business and vacation travelers. Niagara Falls is fueled by new attractions, casino resorts a major convention centre and is an international leader in the hotel and accommodation sector with continued significant investments in hotel, motel and related hospitality properties.

Commercial & Retail

Commercial and retail industry leaders invest in Niagara Falls. Fortune 500 companies and small and medium-sized independent operators realize the potential created by a market of more than 12 million visitors. They’ve signaled their confidence in Niagara Falls with multi-million dollar investments in new shopping centres and commercial business developments. Renovations, upgrades and expansions to existing retail and commercial properties throughout Niagara Falls are providing enhanced shopping experiences for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Knowledge-based & Professional Services

Knowledge and innovative thinking are key drivers of the new economy. From green industries to advanced manufacturing and engineering, entrepreneurs in Niagara Falls are creating the technologies of tomorrow and bringing new opportunities to global markets. Professional service providers thrive in Niagara Falls. Whether you need accountants, advertising, architects, brokerage houses, engineers, financial institutions, telecommunications service providers, lawyers, planners, realtors, software designers; or undertakers, you’ll find a local, national, or international firm in Niagara Falls to meet your needs.

Government & Special Services

Special Projects, new investment and development occurs across all industry sectors and business districts in Niagara Falls. These are exciting times for business owners and residents in the City’s tourism and hospitality, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. Our private and public sectors continue to invest in new technologies and adapt to the demands of the global marketplace. Companies are meeting the challenges of the new economy by investing in special projects such as infrastructure, stat-of-the-art facilities and emerging technologies.

Labour Force

A region-wide labour force draws from a population of over 400,000 people. When new skill-sets are required, local post-secondary institutions such as Brock University and Niagara College are quick to work with industries to develop specialized training programs.

Niagara’s labour force strengths are in post-sedondary educated and skilled-trades workers, with significantly higher proportions of the workforce holding these qualifications than in the province as a whole.

Our entrepreneurs continue to invest in new technologies and adapt to the demands of the global marketplace. Companies are meeting the challenges of the new economy by investing in state-of-the-art facilities and emerging technologies. 52% of Niagara businesses are owner operated.

Development Review Process

The Planning, Building & Development Department in coordination with the Business Development Department is responsible for reviewing and providing a recommendation to Council regarding development applications. The timely processing of applications requires co-operation from and co-ordination with numerous internal and external stakeholders, including the applicant. The City of Niagara Falls prides itself on expediting the Development Review Process for major and minor developments in Niagara Falls as a strategic business advantage.

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