New online directory creates connections for Niagara businesses

New online directory creates connections for Niagara businesses

May 10, 2021

Niagara Economic Development is embracing innovative, open source technologies to help Niagara business make the supply chain connections they need to succeed.

A new online business directory, available at, allows Niagara businesses to quickly and easily identify local partner companies that can help them streamline their supply chain, lower costs, and speed up production, all right within Niagara.

Businesses can search for connections by sector, municipality, business size and other variables that allow them to do a targeted search among the hundreds of businesses listed on the site. The site also allows customers to find and connect with businesses in their area, encouraging them to shop local and support Niagara’s business community.

Businesses are encouraged to browse the new directory, and contact Niagara Economic Development if their business is not included, or if their information is out of date. The directory was created in collaboration with the Region’s Planning and Development Services department and IT Solutions team, and leverages open data made available through the Region’s annual Employment Inventory Survey.

The directory also comes in response to information gathered through three Business Impact Surveys, undertaken by Niagara’s Economic Rapid Response Team. Those surveys showed a need for Niagara to embrace new technology and creative solutions to help weather the economic storm created by COVID-19. In 2020, Niagara Economic Development also created a COVID-19 PPE directory that connected local businesses with local suppliers of critical supplies including masks, face shields, sanitizer and more.


"We have heard numerous stories of businesses across Niagara connecting and cooperating through the pandemic, and I anticipate that this new directory will help facilitate collaboration as we continue our road to recovery. It is my hope that this directory will help to foster local partnerships and strengthen our brand while streamlining production costs and giving us a competitive advantage." ~ Regional Chair Jim Bradley

"Niagara has such a diverse range of businesses in so many different sectors, and often the solutions to companies’ supply chain challenges are right here in our own community. We’re hopeful that this new directory will help enable companies to make the connections they need to succeed and thrive." ~ George Spezza, Director, Economic Development

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