Hotel Towers

Hotel Towers

Canadian Niagara Hotels, the company behind the project, said each tower will cost between $180 million to $200 million, while the team’s agent, Michael Kirkland, told councillors Tuesday night it’s going to provide about 2,000 permanent, full-time jobs.

The three towers will provide more than 1,800 hotel rooms, meeting rooms, retail stores, restaurants, on-site surface parking, and parking garages.

“You’re getting close to what it cost to build the casino way back. You must have real confidence in Niagara Falls,” said Coun. Kim Craitor.

The 4.7-hectare parcel of land opposite the Skylon Tower, formerly owned by HOCO Ltd., is currently being used as a commercial parking lot.

Kirkland said the development is part of the maturing and transforming tourist district.

“We think this is a historic moment, not because of something so ambitious, and so few objections, but rather because it actually constitutes a moment in this community (that is part of) the evolution of Niagara Falls, which is very significant,” he said.

“It’s not simply a hotel complex that’s being contemplated, but it’s the development of the land at the escarpment level, which will eventually bridge between Murray Hill and Clifton Hill, creating a kind of upper tier ... city development. Our ambition is in fact to complement the existing market by building high-end facilities with special public amenities.”

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