Criveller Company Canada

Criveller Company Canada

Jessica Criveller, is the new President of Criveller Company Canada.Jessica’s father, Bruno and her uncle Mario started the business in 1979 with their knowledge gained from their years in the European wine and food processing industry.The Criveller brand earned the reputation as one of the oldest suppliers of processing, bottling and labeling equipment in North America.Criveller is a small family owned and operated business, initially concentrating on the winery sector with their design specialization for the wine industry.

Today, they not only design and manufacturer premium fermentation and processing equipment that extends from winery equipment to olive oil production.Criveller Company, equally known for their specialized design/producing of brewing vessels, for brew house process piping systems and cellar tanks for the microbrewery and brewpub sectors.

Jessica and her brother, Davide have grown up in the business.Davide is the President of their Criveller California division and together this dynamic 2nd generation leadership team of Criveller are strengthening opportunities to grow the business.Criveller brothers, Mario & Bruno remain active in the business and provide great mentorship to the next generation.

Criveller Company Canada will be celebrating their 40th business anniversary in 2019.

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